Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

Ramp Manners

Put In or Takeout, we all end up there, so think about your space and others around you.
We can make this work. Nobody likes a yardsale on the ramp.
Being the person spread out all shoreline of any launch ramp is not a good way to roll.
Some ramps have etiquette and others not so much. When there are rules posted you consider their application and comply.
 Using your resources responsibly includes responsible behavior on the ramp. Being kind and considerate while efficient with your de-rigging process is super important to me.
Use the ramp with the idea that anyone could roll up on you at anytime and this helps everybody to understand considerate use of an access point to the river.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wild Rivers at Risk due to Trump reviewing National Monuments

as Trump orders a review of our National Monuments he threatens Wild Rivers in the United States.

link here:

Its our duty to follow closely any rules or remissions that would threaten the beautiful rivers of our lands. We must safeguard rivers and waterways and be vigilant to support organizations doing great work to help protect rivers and watersheds.
Protesting the bad ... or supporting those doing good? I choose to make a positive difference in preventing those who would foul watersheds by promoting Wild and Scenic River designations and more Wilderness areas.

Make a difference today by supporting real solutions to the threats our rivers face.

Threat Solutions!
American Rivers 5000 miles campaign

Follow #WeAreRivers - (follow this link to:) WeAreRivers

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Swiftwater Rescue Training

 Swift Water Rescue Technician (SRT1A) Training and Certification 

Very useful for every single time you go kayaking.

Increasing your confidence on the river and your ability to save lives.

 Encourages the boating group you are in to raise the bar of ability. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Path of the River of Souls, the Animas River

The Animas River of Colorado is born high in the Rockies and rolls through ghost towns and abandoned mines as it reaches Silverton to prepare its pour into the Animas River canyon. Flowing almost straight South through Southwest Colorado, this gorgeous high-elevation and normally clear alpine stream flows into Durango and continues on to south to Farmington New Mexico and into the San Juan River system.
Originally reported as one million gallons spilled, the EPA later revised their estimates of totals of toxic mine sludge waste dumped into the Upper Animas River to three million gallons. (Give or take a million). Really, whats a few million gallons of toxic sludge to a bird or a stonefly?
What is the cost of this spill?
The lawsuits being prepared to file against the EPA by various South West native tribes are being assembled, yet, how can any dollar cost recoup anything? We can gather and clean up the river inch by inch, and this would be helpful, but will the cleanup ever erase the toxins? We have to look hard at the tens of thousands of abandoned mines all throughout the U.S. and in the West.
As a generation that will encompass and mitigate the damages sewn by previous generations our work is cut out. We have lots of messes to mitigate and restore. From the efforts I have been involved in and seen through project phases, it CAN be done.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Toxic sludge on the Animas River

The classic beautiful rivers of Colorado are heartfelt to all whom know the sounds and sights of these wild things.

There has been an injury to the earth. A spill of over one million gallons of toxic sludge water has been dumped into the Animas River in Colorado near Silverton.

This area is particularly wild and scenic and invisibly vulnerable.

I read the EPAs available information about the Bonito mine and saw the rubber lined ponds for sludgewater. The abatement of this mine was insufficient for holding the leachate. The pools and drainage systems have been breached so their design is now revealed fully. Faulty.

Now we have to heal our rivers. Not just the Animas. The Animas River requires our attention for the healing necessary for this type of insult to a natural system. We must focus on these areas that are so definitely harmful to us and to all life.

If no creatures can live in the streams below these mines, then we need a fix for this issue. Biological systems are shut down around the mines. I've seen it throughout Colorado high country.
We cannot allow any level of commonplace acceptance of any event that kills, stains and changes a river with pollution. Defense of rivers is in our bloodstream and DNA.

I will do my best to help heal Colorado and the river of souls, the Animas River.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A plastic free river! A plastic free world! Removing plastics one piece at at time.

My goal is to remove plastic bags and plastic debris from where ever I float or ride.
When riding my bike the brakes are applied and I bend over to pickup the plastic bags floating in the breeze.
IMHO, it is our collective responsibility to "Clean Up the Scene" as I learned at a Grateful Dead concert in my early years. I believe in this motto and this way of life.
We make the choice every single day to engage and be responsible for our world one item and one person at a time.
My choice is to improve our watersheds and our visual landscapes by removing plastics.
My purpose is to help the Fisheries of the Southwest and the entire world by removing plastics. I am blogging to help increase awareness that I am out there doing this removal and teaching my prodigy to do the same.
"If you have a pocket then put the trash in there!" -Craig D. Irwin

Sunday, May 31, 2015

When your riding through the rocks, don't ya complicate your mind

Monday, March 30, 2015